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On Sale and In Bulk at Mani's

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Bulk Items


Evian Water - 12.99 /case

Poland Spring Water - 14.99 /12 bottles

Frisky Cat Food - 15.99 / case

Oil & Vinegar

Kalamata Olive Oil - 19.99 3 littes

At Mani's we are always looking for the sweet point of price, quality, taste and variety. The web and flow of weather patterns, world economy, price of gas, etc. create ever changing opportunities to bring quality value items to our corner of the Upper West Side. The rest is all about information. Get on our mailing list or check back here and we will let you know how you can save at Mani Market Place.

On Sale Items


Italian Semoina Bread - 1.99

Queens Challah - 2.99

Queens Pita - 1.99

Portuguese Sour Dough Hero - .50

Pumpernickel Bread - 2.99
It's got everything: it's moist, sour, complex. Just put some great butter on it and enjoy...


Greek Feta Cheese - 6.99 lb

Goat Cheese - 3.99 / 8oz

Extra Sharp Canadian Cheddar - 5.99 lb

Camambert - 7.99

Mani's Fresh Grated Parmesan - 5.99 lb

Coffe & Tea

Taso - 5.99

Porto Rico French Mocha - 7.99


Lasagna - 5.99 lb

Greek Salad - 5.99 lb
If you like our Caesar Salad, you will love our Greek Salad!

Maniwiches - 3.50 /ea
Maniwiches are like sandiwiches -- except they are right by the door, all ready to go

Caesar Salad - 5.99
If you like our Greek Salad, you will love our Caesar Salad! Just throw in some grilled chicken kebobs and you have a whole home cooked meal in the time it takes you to get home...


Sea Scallops - 15.99

Tuna Steaks - 14.99

XTRA-Large Shrimps - 12.99

Salmon Fillet - 12.99

Tilapia - 9.99


Orangina - 4.99 /6 pack

Newman's Own Salsa - 2.99 12oz


Applegate Organic Chicken Nuggetsblah - 5 .99

Butcher's Brand Lamb Chops - 12.99 lb

Murray's Chicken - 6.99 lb

Aidells Chicken Apple Sausage - 5.99

Trois Petits Cochons Pateblah - 6.99


Asparagus - 2.59 lb
Young, tender stalks...Just steam and serve with a little lemon and olive oil...

Brocolli - 1.59 lb
It's green, good and cheap!

Corn - 2 for 1.49
As close as you are going to get to end of the summer corn -- at the beginning of the summer...

Artichokes - 2 for 1.69
complex on the outside but simple and delicious on the inside

Watermelon - .79 lb
The weather is getting hot -- forget air conditioners, keep cool and happy with watermelon power!!

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