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In Store: Deli

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Our Deli offers a wide variety of prepared food, salads, sandwiches and cold cuts. Everything you need for a quick and tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner is available here, prepared fresh daily in our store. Prepared dishes include meat lasagna, spinach lasagna, meatloaf, roast chicken, chicken cordon bleu, chicken cutlets, fish fillets, salmon cakes, spanakopita and mousaka. For salads, there is an excellent greek salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, stuffed dolmas, guacamole (occasionally), shrimp cocktail,cole slaw and potato salad.

We can also prepare special sandwich platters, bagel platters, appetizer platters for your parties. Just give us a call and tell us what you need.

On Sale

Lasagna - 5.99 lb

Greek Salad - 5.99 lb
If you like our Caesar Salad, you will love our Greek Salad!

Maniwiches - 3.50 /ea
Maniwiches are like sandiwiches -- except they are right by the door, all ready to go

Caesar Salad - 5.99
If you like our Greek Salad, you will love our Caesar Salad! Just throw in some grilled chicken kebobs and you have a whole home cooked meal in the time it takes you to get home...

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