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In Store: Grocery

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Mani Market Place is first of all a grocery store - meaning that we have lots of different items, mainly food kind of items but also other types that are not so easily definable. So what are calling now the grocery part of this website is really nothing more or less than anything we don't talk about in the other more easily defined sections of the site. Here you can find out that we stock for example lots of great 'green' kind of cleaning items, some fantastic sodas you might not have tried and a new type of chip that makes you young, healthy and rich...If you want to hear more about this magic chip just check back from time to time...

On Sale

Orangina - 4.99 /6 pack

Newman's Own Salsa - 2.99 12oz

Bulk Items

Evian Water - 12.99 /case

Poland Spring Water - 14.99 /12 bottles

Frisky Cat Food - 15.99 / case

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