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About Mani Market Place

The Deli: great sandwiches, Mani classics like Greek Salad, pastas, chicken cordon bleu as well as new items like grilled chicken kebobs.

Navigating the isles at Mani Market Place: surprises await on every shelf and every isle...

The outside stand at Mani's: color on grey days, coolness in summer, warmth in winter....

Since it first opened its doors, Mani Market Place has successfully been many different things all at the same time -- neighborhood corner store, provider of gourmet foods, public square, secret hangout for jazz and soccer aficionados, the place to get bagels for the school breakfast, sandwiches for the office lunch and turkey for the Thanksgiving feast...

Taso and Taki first opened Mani Market Place almost 20 years ago.[any story of how you chose the location etc.]

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